Thank you for your support

A full honour roll of donors is available below and includes Major Benefactors to the University, donors who have supported ANU in 2016 and individuals who have realised a gift through their will.

The 2016 list also includes donors who have supported ANU via the ANU Foundation USA and the named Foundations of the Endowment.

For enquiries and updates, please send an email to or call (02) 6125 2670.

From everyone at ANU, we are so grateful for your generous and continued support.



Each individual and organisation listed below supported the University in 2016.

Abey Family Foundation
Dr Walter Abhayaratna
Ms Dannielle Abou-Takka
Dr Nerilie Abram
Dr Nick Achilleos
ACT Baha'i Community
ACT Human Rights Commission
ACT Law Society
ACT Legislative Assembly
ACT Pathology
Ms Louise Adena
Mr Akuoch Ador
Ms Sadia Afrin
Ms Abigail Agyei
Ms Fatimah Ahmad Rashid
Miss Giverney Ainscough
Ainslie Podiatry Clinic
Mrs Anne Aisbett
Ms Niccy Aitken
Mr David Akers
Mr Andaleeb Akhand
Mr Jeremy Aldred
Mr Sean Alexander
Ms Lynne Alexander
Mr Bob Alexander
Mr Emanuel Alfris
Mr John Allen
Ms Geraldine Allen
Ms Ashlyn Allen
Mr Andrew Allen
Ms Anne-Marie Allgrove
Emeritus Professor Jon Altman AM FASSA
Dr Ana Clarissa Alves Negrini
Miss Aishath Amaany
Mr Anthony Amato
Mrs Tracey Amato
Miss Jessica Amies
Dr Jerry Amoloza
Miss Tegan Amor
AMP Services Limited
Mr Simon Anderson
Mr Jason Anderson
Mr Roger Andre
Ms Islay Andrew
Ms Karen Andrews
Mr Stephen Andrews
Professor John Andrews
Dr Adrian Ankiewicz
ANU Latin and Greek Reading Group
Mr Asif Anwar
Ms Ann Apolloni
Mr Benjamin Archer
Mr Glenn Archer
Alessio Arena
Ms Zuraida Ariffin
Miss Ada Armstrong
Associate Professor Richard Armstrong
Mr Robert Arthur
Miss Mania Artimani
Mr Bruce Ashley
Miss Sarah Ashton
Ms Kaylene Askew
Mrs Margery Aspin
Ms Simonetta Astolfi
Mr Sarat Atluri
Attorney-General's Department
Ms Carol Austin
Australian Capital Territory Bar Association
Australian Computer Society
Australian Federation of Graduate Women
Australian Finance Conference
Australian Institute of Physics
Australian Medical Association (ACT) Limited
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Australian Society for Parasitology
Ms Judith Avery
Mr Claude Ayrton
Miss Jak Babington
Emeritus Professor Hans Bachor AM and Mrs Connie Bachor
Mrs Jacqui Bailey
Mr Jaron Bailey
Ms Clare Bajraszewski
Professor Richard Baker and Ms Beth Slatyer
Mrs Dorothy Baker
Mr David Baker
Mr Joshua Baker
Baker & McKenzie
Professor Marilyn Ball and Dr Eldon Ball
Mr Andrew Bandle
Dr Subhasis Banerjee
Mr Bishwa Banjade
Mrs Barbara Banks
Mr Wenyu Bao
Ms Miranda Baptist
Mr Thomas Barbat
Mrs Kerryl Bareja
Emeritus Professor David Barker AM
Dr Katherine Barnes
Mr Conrad Barr AFSM
Ms Harriet Barry
Mr Phillip Bartlett
Ms Gail Barton
Dr Alberto Basile
Ms Harriet Bateman
Ms Christine Bath
Dr Philip Batterham
Mrs Bonnie Bauld
Bawley Point Quilters
Mr Simon Bear
Mr Dave Becker
Mr Allan Bedford
Ms Gai Beecher
Mr Kevin Bell
Ms Helen Benassi
Mr Martin Bennet
Mr Scott Bennett
Associate Professor Vickie Bennett
Dr Michael Bennett
Ms Gretchen Bennett
Mr Karl Berentzen
Berg Family Foundation
Dr Leon Berkelmans
Dr Cheyne Bester
Dr UN Bhati
Mr Sayan Bhattacharyya
Mr Sharad Bhusal
Miss Xiaojie Bian
Mr Robert Bibo
Dr Geoffrey Bicknell
Mr and Mrs Binks
Paul Binsted
Birding NSW
Birdlife Tasmania
Mr Keith Blackburn
John Blackman
Professor Peter Blamey
Mrs Margaret Blessington
Dr Liz Blink
Dr Lynn Bloomfield
Mr John Blount JP
Mr Gabriel Bloxham
Mrs Helen Blue
Ms Sonia Bluhm
Mrs Noor Blumer
Dr Keith Boardman AO
Mr Gary and Ms Belinda Bodman
Mr Gregor Bodulovic
Ms Pat Boling AM
Ms Margaret Bollen
Ms Kate Bond
Bootes Foundation
Mrs Lynne Booth
Ms Heather Booth
Ms Anna Boots
Professor Lindsay Botten
Ms Sabine Bouladon
Dr Chris Bourke
Mr Rodney Bourke
Professor Peter Bouwknegt
Professor Glenn Bowes AO
Mr Matthew Bowes
Ms Sarah Bown
Mr Ian Bowyer
Mr Darren Boyd
Mr Andrew Boyer
Dr David Boyle and family in memory of Mrs Donna Guillain Boyle (nee Cameron)
Deren Bozdag
Mr Rowan Bracken
Dr Meredith Bradbury
Miss Teresa Bradbury
The Late Dr Howard Bradbury and Mrs Ruth Bradbury
Associate Professor Jodie Bradby
Mr Keith Bradley AM
Mr Norm Bradshaw and Mrs Dana Weston
Dr David Brand
Dr Yves Brandenburger
Ms Sarah Brasch
Mr Arne Brauer
Ms Georgia Bray
Mr Andrew Bray
Breeze Events
Associate Professor Sean Brennan
Mrs Susan Brennan
Mr Ron Brent
Mr Robert Brian
Ms Julia Brieger
Ms Virginia Briggs
Ms Melinda Brindle
Dr Heather Brindley
Mrs Belinda Brine
Mrs Gai and Mr Geoff Britt
Mr David Britton
Mr Joseph Brockelsby
Professor Peter Brockwell
Professor Stefan Broer
Dr Lindell Bromham
Dr Malcolm Brooks
Dr John Broomhead
Miss Michelle Brotohusodo
Mr Wil Broussard
Mr Solomon Brown
Ms Nicole Brown
Ms Angela Brown
Miss Josephine Brown
Miss Cathy Brown
Mr Jason Brown
Mrs Judith Brown
Mr Euan Brown
Ms Imogen Brown
Mrs Lynn Brown-Beresford
Mr Donald Brownbill
Dr Chris Browne
Mr Kieran Browne
Mrs Ellen Bruce
Ms Corinne Bruen
Mr Carl Brusse
Ms Natalie Bryant
Mr Darren Bryant
Mr George Brzostowski
Mr James Buck
Mrs Sue Buckingham and The Late Dr John Buckingham AM
Mr Peter Buckingham
Ms Sarah Bull
Mr John Bundock and Mrs Anthea Bundock
Mr Richard Bunting
Ms Margaret Burbidge
Mr Adrian Burchall
Mr Tony Burchilll
Mr Michael Burke
Ms Margaret Burkett
Mrs Tracy Burkle
Mr Andrew Burnett
Mrs Amy Burr
Mr Jackson Bursill
Mr Ken Butler
Mr James Butler
Ms Robyn Byrne OAM
Miss Christina Byrnes
Ms Vickie Byrnes
Mr Stephen Byron
Mr Alan Cadd
Miss Yingzi Cai
Mr Angus Calder
Ms Haley Caldwell
Miss Jessie Callaghan
Ms Sheenagh Callahan
Ms Melanie Calvert
Mrs Jennifer Cameron AM
Dr Don Cameron
The Late Emeritus Professor Ken Campbell and the Late Mrs Daphne Campbell
David E. Campbell
Mr Dylan Campbell
Mrs Jessica Campbell
Canberra Christian Fellowship
Cancer Council ACT
Emeritus Professor Peter Cane
Capital Health Network
Capital Pathology
Professor Mick Cardew-Hall
Emeritus Professor David Carment AM
Mr Geoff Carmody
Ms Claire Carpenter
Dr Diana Carroll
Mrs Janice Carruthers
Mr Michael Carter
Professor John Carver
Dr Geoff Cary
Mr Robert Cassidy
Mr Greg Castle
Mr Richard Castles
Mrs Phillipa Catchpole
Mr James Catling
Mr James Catton
Dr Anne Cawsey
CEA Technologies Pty Ltd
Ms Sue Chadwick
Ms Yu-Lan Chan
Mr Richard Chan
Ms Helen Chan
Mr Yen Chang
Miss Liang-Chun Chang
Ms Tanya Channell
Mr Kim Chapman
Dr Melissa Chapman
Mr Christian Chapuis
Mr John Chapuis
Charlton Event Management
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
Ms Helen Chau
Mr Bernard Chaudy
Ms Katie Chauvel
Yoke Cheah
Ms Elaine Cheah
Mr Raymond Chean
Associate Professor Brian Cheetham
Ms Sophie Chen
Mr Matthew Chen
Mr Michael Chen
Ms Liz Chen
Mr Frank Chen
Professor George Chen
Miss Kaisi Chen
Miss Fufen Chen
Miss Lu Cheng
Mr Ho-Yuen Cheng
Dr David and Mrs Susan Chessell
Miss Claire Chesterfield
Mr Kevin Cheung
Mr Justin Chow
Mr Saad Chowdhery
Mr Michael Chu
Miss Bing Chu
Dr Paul Chubb
Mr Mick Chulerttiyawong
Mr Wai Yin Chung
CIMA Australasia Ltd
Mrs Greta Clare
Ms Lucy Claridge
Mr Russell Clark
Emeritus Professor Graeme Clarke AO
Dr Anthony Clarke
Dr Patricia Clarke OAM FAHA
I Clarke
Mr Steven Clarke
Clayton Utz
Mr Warren Clendenning
Norm Clough
Ms Lizzy Coad
Coast City Country General Practice Training
Dr Susan Cochrane
Miss Karina Coe
Ms Kim Cohen
Reverend Jonathan Cole
Ms Kathryn Cole
Mr Tom Colebatch
Ms Alison Colebrook
Dr Matt Coleman
Dr Colin Coleman
Professor Matthew Colless FAA
Mr Tim Collins
Professor Grant Collins
Mr Jim Colquhoun
Mr Richard Conan-Davies
Ms Carly Conlan
Adjunct Professor Lois Conner
Mrs Rachelle Conry
Mr Justin Cook
Mr Michael Cook
Ms Helen Cooney
Mr Ken Cooper
Ms Sherrill Cooper
Mr Ross Corcoran
Ms Sophie Corea
Ms Dianne Cornell
Miss Alana Corr
Miss Valeria Coscini
Miss Nicole Costello
Mr Bob Cotton
Mrs Kerry-Anne Cousins
Ms Amanda Cox
Mr Kevin Cox
Ms Frankie Cox
Cox Architecture
CPA Australia
Mrs V.B. Craig
Ms Elaine Craig
Dr Eric Craswell and Mrs Alison Craswell
Ms Julie Crawford
Dr Peter Crawford AM
Ms Heather Crawford
Mrs Merrilyn Crawford
Mr Philip Creaser
Mrs Alice Creelman
Dr Scott Crerar
Miss Gillian Crick
Ms Catriona Croft-Cusworth
Emeritus Professor Robert Crompton AM and Mrs Helen Crompton
Mr Malcolm Crompton AM
Ms Cathy Crompton
Dr Hugh Crone
Ms Shan Crosbie
Mrs Naomi Cross
Ms Margie and Mr Chris Crowley
Ms Emma Crowther
Mr Bruce and Mrs Elizabeth Cumming
Mr Robin Cumming
Mr Paul Cummins
Dr David Cunningham
Miss Heather Cupit
Mr William Curnow
Ms Sharon Curran
Mr Greg Currie
David and Elizabeth Cusack and Family
Ms Debra Cushion
Mrs Linda Dag
Professor John Daley
Mr Frederick Dalrymple
Mr Laurence Daly
Dr Anastasia Dalziell
Mrs Rhonda Daniell
Mr Alistair Davidson
Mr and Mrs H Davies
Ms Jo Davies
Dr Leslie Davies
Mr James Davies
Ms Alexandra Davis
Mrs Clare de Castella
Mrs Ana De Lacerda
Mr David De Margheriti
Dr Michael de Percy
Mr John De Ravin
Ms Anne De Salis
Miss Jhana de Silva
Mrs Emma De Smet
Mr Ivan Dean
Dr John Debs
Deloitte Actuaries and Consultants Limited
Mr Peter Demertzidis
Mrs Despina Demertzidis
Mr Zhongran Deng
Ms Adelaide Dennis
Ms Lori Dent
Mr Timothy Denton
Mr Ian Denton
Dr Jane Desborough
Miss Renee Deschamps
Ms Philippa d'Ews Thomson
Ms Samata Dharmadhikari
Miss Hannah Dibley
Dr Glenn Dickins
Mr Martin Dickson
Ms Susan Dimitriadis
Mr Matt Dimmock
Marcel Dimo and Lesley Jackman
Miss Wei Ding
Ms Anita Disney
Mrs Judith Dittmar
Ms Rachel Djoeandy
DLA Piper Lawyers
Ms Gabriela Dmitriev
Cornelius Do
Mr Michael Doggett
Mr Ian Donald
Miss Stephanie Doos
Mr Tommaso D'Orsogna
Miss Madeleine Dove
Mr Paul Dowden
Mrs Rosemary Dowling
Dr Phoebe Downing
Dr Karen Downing
Mr Thomas Downing
Mrs Margaret and Mr Jonathan Doyle
Mr Brian Doyle AM
Mr George Dragovitch
Mr Paul Driver
Miss Dale Druhan
Mr Alex Duckworth
Mr Alexander Dudley
Estate of Miss Joan Duffield
Ms Caitlin Duffy
Mr Ben Duggan
Professor Angela Dulhunty
Ms Cassie Dunchue
Mr Szymon Duniec
Duratone Hi Fi Pty Ltd
Mr Artur Durbanov
Mr Neville Duus
Mr Bruce Dyer
Dr Christopher Dyer
Ms Jennifer Eather
Dr Vickie Eaves-Young
Economic Society of Australia
Rukmini Edirisinghe
Ms Sara Edson
Mr Stephen Edwards
Professor Scott Edwards
Miss Bethany Egan
Mr Rodney Eisfelder
The Honourable Justice Michael Elkaim
Mr Stephen Elliott
Ms Dorothy Elliott
Ms Jan Elliott
Mr John Elliss
Mr James and Mrs Sue Elsbury
Kim Elton
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Mr Rodney Emerson
Mrs Sally Emerson
Mrs Jennifer Emerton
Engineers Australia
Professor Helen Ennis
Ms Lin Enright
Ernst & Young
Dr Dan Etherington AM
Professor Nicholas Evans
Nicole and Tom Evans
Professor The Honourable Gareth Evans AC QC FASSA FAIIA
Mr William Evans
Ms Millie Evans
Mrs Jacinta Evans
Mr Rhys Evans
Miss Rachel Everett
Ms Eunice Ewe
Mr Mark Fabian
Dr Aude Fahrer
Mr Siqi Fan
Professor Neil Fargher
Miss Melanie Farman
Farrar Gesini & Dunn
Ms Belinda Farrelly
Miss Soheila Fattahi
Mrs June Faulkner
Dr Kathryn Feaver
Dr Christoph Federrath
Mrs Mary Felton
Dr Jack Fenner
Mr Simon Fenske
Dr John Ferguson
Ms Jennifer Fernance
Ms Anna Filing
Ms Eliza Finlay
Mr Philip and Mrs Janice Finley
Dr Laurel Fisher and Dr Ian Fisher
Mr Frank Fisher
Mr Roger Fisher
Mrs Alice Fisher
Dr Vince FitzGerald AO
Ms Ciara Fitzgerald
Ms Catherine Fitzgerald
Ms Deborah Fitzgerald
Mrs Anna Fitzgerald
Madam Joanne Fitzpatrick
Mr Alan Flett
Dr Ericka Flores
Ms Naomi Flutter
Ms Carol Flynn
Dr Christopher Flynn
Ms Judy Fok
Mr Bill Foley
Hau Foo
Ms Sharyn Foo
Miss Maria Foo
Footcare Associates Pty Ltd
Mrs Francesca Foppoli
Mr Christopher Forbes-Ewan
Mr Adam Ford
Ms Avril Ford
Mr Richard Ford
Mr Andrew Ford
Dr James Forrest
Ms Ruth Forrest
Ms Beatrix Forrest
Ms Marina Fort
Dr Morris Foster
Dr Chris Foster
Mr Steve Fouracre
Dr Rowan Fox
Dr Christopher Fox
Professor Bruce Foxman
Mr Jay Fradkin
Mr Ian Frakes
Ms Sharon France
Mr Peter Francis
Ms Rosmery Franco
Mrs Cristina Franco
Mr Jonathan Franzi
Ms Jeanine Fras
Dr Murray Frazer
Mr Stephen Free
Ms Sybil Free
Freehills Services Pty Ltd
Professor Ken Freeman FAA FRS
Ms Marissa Freer
Mr David Friend
Mr Alan Froud PSM
Mr Daniel Fry
Mr Richard Fu
Dr Haruhiro Fukui
Mr Graham Fuller
Ms Lee Fuller
Mr Andrew Fullgrabe
Mrs Michelle Fulton
Ms Karen Gair
Professor Graham Galloway
Professor Helen Gamble
Ms Jacqueline Gardiner
Mr Ronsley Gardner
Mr Roger Garin-Michaud
Ms Esther Garner
Gary Galego Pty Ltd
Professor John Gascoigne
Mrs Angela Gaskin
Ms Hannah Gason
Mr John Gasson
Mrs Sarah Gavel
Dr Tony Ge
Miss Emma George
Miss Nicole George
Mr Gus Gerace
Ms Helen Gerrard
Ms Charlene Gerrard
Mr Ryan Gibbons
Miss Louisa Giffard
Mr Glen Giffen
Miss Katherine Gifford
Dr Donald Gifford
Mrs Sonia Gilderdale
Miss Fiona Gill
Mr C R Gilling
Judith Giri
Professor Roslyn Gleadow
Mr Ruiliang Gong
Mr Rufino Gonsalves
Mr Ivan Gonzalez
Mr Mohsen Goodarzi
Google Inc
Mr John Gordon
Mr Geoff Gorrie
Dr Alexander Gosling AM
Dr Ryan Goss
Mr Iain Gould
Ms Felicity Gouldthorp
Mr Raj Gowthaman Srilakshmi
Ms Ruth Grace
Mr Tim Graham
Dr Emma Grahame
Mr Chris Grange
Dr John and Mrs Helen Grant
Dr Will Grant
Mr Malcolm Gray
Mr Peter Gray
Dr Gwen Gray Jamieson AO
Mr Johnathon Grech
Ms Lelia Green
Mr Stephen Green
Mr Malcolm Greening
Dr Catherine Greenshields
Mr John Greenwell
Ms Andrea Greer
Grey Advantage Consulting
Ms Pauline Griffin AM
Mr David Griffiths
Ms Kathy Griffiths
Ms Susan Grigson
Estate of Mrs Eugenia Grincelis
Ms Jacqueline Gropp
Mr Yuning Guan
Mr Rajiv Gulati
Emeritus Professor Penny Gullan
Dr Anthea Gunn
Ms Jessica Guo
Mr Sanat Gupta
Mrs Marsha Guthrie
Dr Stephen Gutowski and Dr Kerin Gutowski
Kate and Bill Guy
Mr Mark Gwynneth
Mr John Haasz
Dr Amir Hadad
Mr Michael Haddy
Martyn and Alex Hagan
Mr Matt Haggarty
Dr Ali Haider
Andy Haines
Mr Jamal Hakim
Ms Lesley Hale
Ms Janine Hall
Ms Sally Hall
Ms Elizabeth Hallam
Dr Kelly Hamill
Mrs Isobel Hamilton
Mr John Hamilton
Mr Stuart Hamilton
Dr Brendon Hammer and Ms Inge Sugani
Mr Christopher Hammer
Estate of Mr Bruce Hamon
Ms Sue Hancock
Mr Kieran Hancock
Ms Sue Hancock
Professor Peter Handford
Mrs Betty Hannaford
Ms Cheryl Hannah
Mr Michael Hansby
Dr David Happold
Mr Ryan Harbottle
Emeritus Professor GC Harcourt
Professor Margaret Harding
Dr Kevin Harding
Mr Matthew Harding
Dr Kim Hare
Dr Todd Harple
Ms Colleen Harriott
Mrs Patricia Harris
Ms Lisa Harris
Ms Sally Harris
Dr Cassy Harris
Mr Christopher Harris
Harris Hobbs Landscapes
Ms Amanda Eve Hart
Ms Jennifer Hart
Mr Albert Hart
Mrs Bev Harvey
Mr Rohan Haslam
Dr Andrew Hassell
Mrs Juanita Hattersley
Mr Ian Hawke
Mr David Haynes
Mr Bill Hayward
Mr Qi He
Mr Rick Heinrich
Mrs Susan Henderson
Mr Bradley Henry
Mr Bruce Henry
Ms Georgina Hickey
Ms Marie Hickey
Ms Deborah Hicks
Ms Georgie Hicks
Dr Robin and Ms Carol Hide
Ms Nguyen Hieu
Ms Denise Higgins
Ms Kathy Hill
Mr Colin Hill
Dr Roger Hiller
Dr Lybus Hillman
Mr Stuart Hilton
Ms Kayla Hincksman
Mrs Rosanna Hindmarsh OAM and Mr John Hindmarsh AM
Ms Diane Hinds
Ms Kathryn Hitchings
Ms Jade Ho
Mr Nicholas Hoare
Mr Neil Hobbs
Mr Roy Hodgson
Mrs Celia Hodgson
Mr Joseph Hoey
Choo Hoffmann
Miss Milou Hofman
Miss Nikki Hogan
Mr James Hoggard
Mrs Caroline Hohnen
Louise Holbrook
Ms Meg Holesgrove
Mr Peter Holford
Dr Rosemary Hollow
Dr Warren Holloway
Professor Andrew Holmes AC AM
Associate Professor Vivien Holmes
Dr Carl Holt
Ms Karen Holt
Ms Kylie Holyland
Mr Clinton Holzhauer
Mrs Piet Hooker
Emeritus Professor Andrew Hopkins
Mr Peter Hopkins
Mrs Marie Hotchkiss
Ms Yi How
Ms Janet Howard Smith
Mr Hsien-Pang Hu
Ms Ivy Hu
Ms Mia Huang
Dr Peter Hudson
Mr John Hughes
Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Dr Bernard Hughson
Mrs Kerry-Ann Hugo
Mr Nicholas Hugo
Mr Jarrod Hulme-Jones
Mr Eric Hummer
Mr Gary and Mrs Cathie Humphries
Estate of Dr Thelma Hunter
Mr Naro Huon
Mr Peter Hussin
Professor John Hutchinson
Mrs Jane Hyden
Professor Richard Ingleby
Ms Sue Ingram
Mrs Judy Inveen
Professor Trevor Ireland
Ms Peta Irvine
Pastor Dave Irving
Emeritus Professor Ian Jackson FAA
Ros and John Jackson
Professor Carole Jackson
Ms Vikki Jacobsen
Professor Chennupati Jagadish AC FAA FTSE and Dr Vidya Jagadish
Mr Daniel Jaksa
Dr Phil Jaksa
Mr Najib Jalal
Mr Colin James
Mr Richard James
Ms Andrea Jamieson
Mr Tom Jarosz
Mr Josh Jaroudy
Mr Mark Jarratt
Ms Amy Jarvis
Ms Nicole Jasinowicz
Dr Dorothy Jauncey
Ms Denise Jefferson
Ms Beverley Jende
Ms Ali Jenkins
Ms Pam Jenkins
Ms Heather Jenks
Mr Christopher Jennaway
Dr Victoria Jennings
Dr Christopher Jensen
Cate Jessep
Ms Marilyn Jessop
Professor Raghav Jha
Ms Monica Jia
Ms Linda Jian
Mr David Jin
Mr Yicheng Jin
Mr Evan Johansen
Mr Phillip John
John James Foundation
John Shaw Foundation
Mr David Johnson
Mr Cody Johnson
Mrs Janis Johnson
Ms Christine Johnston
Professor Iain Johnstone
Mr David Johnstone
Mr Andrew Jolley
Dr Peter Jones
Dr Kingsley Jones
Dr Leonie Jones
Dr Brian Jones
Dr Robert Jones
Mrs Robyn Jones
Ms Christine Jones
Christopher Jones
Mr Ralph Jones
Dr Timothy Jones
Associate Professor David Jones
Mrs Giulia Jones MLA
Mr Thusus Jones
Miss Jessica Jorgensen-Price
Ms Mary Jose
Mr Wayne Joseph
Ms Kathryn Joyce
Mr David Jude
Mr Keith Jurd
Mr George Kalimnios
Mrs Maggie Kane
Professor Peter Kanowski
Ms Grace Kao
Ms Catherine Karcher
Mrs Tanya Karliychuk
Mr Nandha Kathirgamarajah
Miss Eleanor Kay
Dr Alan Kaye
Mr Jeff Kealley
Professor Byron Keating
Mrs Maria Keese
Ms Judy Kelly
Ms Emma Kelly
Mrs Gill Kempton PSM
Dr Richard Kenderdine
Mr Steve Kenihan
Mr Vincent Kennard-Davis
Ms Joan Kennedy
Ms Leonie Kennedy
Mr Rob Kennedy
Mr David Kennemore
Mrs Pamela Kenny
Mr Robert Kenrick
Professor Ann Kent
Dr Ruth Kerr
Ms Amy Kerr-Menz
Dr Sue Kesson
Ms Wendi Key
Mr Glenn Keys
Mr Feroze Khan
Ms Ruth Kharis
Mr Kunnal Khiatani
NM Hall and AM Kiley
Mr Michael Kilgariff
Mrs Margaret Kilham
Mrs Natasha Killeen and Mr Gregory Ley
Mrs Dinny Killen
Ms Jeong Kim
Mr Alan King OBE
Ms Elizabeth King
Mr Declan King
Ms Mary Anne King
Dr R King OAM
Dr Neville King
Mr Richard King
Ms Sarah King
King & Wood Mallesons
Mr Ross Kingsland AM and Mrs Susan Kingsland
Cameron Kinney
Mr Andrew Kirby
Mr Nigel Kirk
Dr Joan Kitchin
Miss Stephanie Kizimchuk
John Kleining
Ms Kristina Klugar
Mr Peter Knaus
Dr Ann Knights and Dr Geoffrey Knights AM
Mr Dan Kopunic
Dr Rosemary Korda
Ms Svetlana Korukina
Dr Navinda Kottege
Mrs Andja Kovac
Dr Ivan Kovacik
Dr Gerry Kristianson
Professor Loeske Kruuk
Emeritus Professor Hans Kuhn
Mr Daniel Kulski
Ms Johanna Kurscheid
Ms Thena Kyprianou
L & A Holdings Pty Limited

Dr Philip Laird
Miss Cynthia Lam
Dr David Lamb
Mr Philippe Lambert
Ms Rebecca Landon
Mrs Anne Lane
Associate Professor Naomi Langmore
Mr John Larocque

Mr Andrew Latimore
Cheung Chee Lau
Cheung Hung Lau
Mr George Wing Chuen Lau
Miss Yingshan Lau
Nancy Lau
Mr Kit Laughlin
Ms Cecilia Law
Dr Susan Law
Dr George Lawrence
Professor Alan Lawson
Professor Alec Lazenby
Mr Hai Le
Mr Quoc-Khanh Le
Dr Charles Le Losq
Dr Liana Leach
Mr Sean Leaver
Ms Audrey Lee
Mr Roger Leeming
Legal Aid ACT
Ms Kate Lehane
The Honourable Dr Andrew Leigh MP
Professor Shirley Leitch
Mr Ziggi Lejins
Lemuda Investments Pty Ltd
Mrs Sarah Lenigas
Mr Andrew Leo
Miss Constanza Leon
Ms Lee-Ying Leong
Hannah Leslie
Associate Professor Stephen Leslie
Mr Russell and Mrs Patricia Lesslie
Mr and Ms Theo And Eloise Letellier
Mr Trevor Lewis
Mr Clayton Lewis
Mr Peter Lewis
Mr Kevin Ley
Miss Yan Li
Mr Xiang Li
Mr Yan Li
Mr James Li
Ms Ranyu Li
Miss Duoxiqi Li
Ms Allissa Li
Mr Jinmao Li
Miss Shawn Li
Ms Amy Liang
Dr Joan Licata
Ms Judi Liddell
Mr Murray Liddell
Dr Ted Lilley and Mrs Penelope Lilley
Mr David Lilley
Dr Cindy Lim
Ms Shao Qi Lim
Mr Keith Linard
Ms Marjorie Lindenmayer
Mr Paul Lindwall and Ms Jo Frederiksen
Mr Chris Ling
Mr Robert Linnegar
Ms Maria Liou
Miss Daniela Lisacek
Mr Morgan Little
Little Pickle Cafe
Ms Yuan-Yuan Liu
Mrs Lang Liu
Dr Guang-Bin Liu
Anyou Liu
Miss Sonia Liu
Mr David Liu
Dr Mingkai Liu
Mr Owen Lloyd
Lloyd Jones Consulting Pty Ltd
Ms Michelle Lo
Mr Raymond Lo
Mr Matthew Lobb
Mrs Elizabeth Long
Ms Kelsie Long
Mr Scot Lonie
Ms Wing Loo
Mr Steve Lopes
Mr Jason Lord
Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation
Estate of Professor John Love
Dr Tim Lovell
Professor John Lovering AO FAA and Mrs Kerry Lovering OAM
Ms Adelle Low
Thomas Low
Mr Brian Lowe
Dr Amber Lowe
Mr Bob Lowry
Dr Andrew Lu OAM
Ms Alexandra Lucchetti
Professor Lueck
Mr Andrew Luke
Emeritus Professor Harold Luntz
Dr Yousong Luo
Miss Tianwei Luo
Dr Winifred Lush
Save the Orange-bellied Parrot
Mrs Saly Ly
Mrs Caron Lynch
Mr Michael Lynch
Mr Chenzhi Ma
Miss Shenglin Ma
Mr Dennis MacDonell
Dr Ingereth Macfarlane
Dr Rod MacIver
Miss Ann Mackay
Ms Nikki MacKay-Sim
Dr Doug Mackenzie
Dr Margaret Mackisack
Macquarie Group Foundation Limited
Dr Marisa Magiros
Dr Robert Magrath
Mr Tom Maher
Mr Peter Mahler
Professor George Mailath
Dr John Maindonald
Mr Trevor Major
Miss See Mak
Ms Sylvia Mak
Markeham-Kirchner Trust
Maliganis Edwards Johnson
Dr Pete Manasantivongs
Ms Lori Mancell
Mr Thomas Manley
Mr John Mann
Mr Tim Mansfield
Ms Ingrid Mao
Mr Brendan Mapham
Ms Sarwat Maqbool
Ms Eleanor Mare
Margaret River Law
Ms Chloe Maric
Professor Robert Marks
Ms Kathleen Marshall
Mr Durvalino Martins
The Honourable Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE GBM QC
Mrs Nyree Mason
Mr Gordon Masters
Mr Michael Matuschka
Mrs Thelma Maurice
Miss Rose Maurice
Dr Matt May
Miss Anna Mayberry
Ms Sophie Mayhew
Mr Patrick Mayoh
Dr Larry Mays
Ms Catherine Maywald
Mr Phillip McAleer
Mr Mark McAnulty
Ms Robina McCaffrey
Mr Paul McCarthy PSM
Sarah McCarthy
Mrs Dimity McClelland
Professor Naomi McClure-Griffiths
Emerita Professor Jen McComb
Mrs Janet McCoy
Mr Richard McCoy
Mr Fergus McCracken
Mrs Helen McCredie
Miss Jan McDonald
Dr Peter McDonald
Mr David McDonald
Mr Adam McDonald
Mr Barnaby McDonald
Mrs Mary McDonald
Professor Bill McDonough
Ms Jennifer McEniery
Mr Bruce and Ms Gillian McFarland
Mr Joel McFarlane-Roberts
Dr Michael McGee
Mr Dennis McGilvery
Mrs Joan McGilvray
Dr Hamish McGlashan
Ms Jane McGlew
Ms Jessica McGrath
Mrs Beryl McGreevy
Mrs Elizabeth McGregor
Ms Lia McInnis
The Late Emeritus Professor Alan McIntosh
Mr Duncan McIntyre
Ms Robyn McKay
Mr Alex McKenzie
Mr Neil McKenzie
Professor Warwick McKibbin AO
Professor Renee McKibbin
Ms Lizzie McLaughlin
Ms Nina McLean
Ms Lyn McLennan
Mr Bruce McLeod
Miss Caitlin McLeod
Ms Heather McLoughlin
Mr Robert McMahon
Mr Samuel McNair
Mr John McNaught
Mr Leigh Mcneair
Dr Doug McTaggart
Dr Betty Meehan
Mr Sean Melbourne
Professor John Melville-Jones
Mr Nelson Mendonca
Miss Edna Mendoza
Mental Health Australia
Menzies Foundation
Ms Joan Merrell
Mr David Messing
Mr John Mews
Dr Paul Meyer
Ms France Meyer
Ms Tian Miao
Mrs Maxine Middleton
Mr Richard and Mrs Judith Miller
Dr Robert Miller
Mr Greg Miller
Dr Neil Miller
Mr John Milne
Dr Stephen Milnes
Emeritus Professor Robert Milns
Ms Virginia Milson
Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Minchin and Mr Tony Minchin
Dr Wayne Minter AM
Mrs Kate Misic
Miss Suhainita Miskam
Mr John Mitchell
Professor Imogen Mitchell
Miss Alison Mo
Mr William Mobbs
Mr Lars Moen
Eleanor and Howard Moffat
Ms Tina Mojica
Ms Tanya Mokdad
Ms L'alice Monocle
Mr Lloyd Monsbourgh
Ms Carolyn Monson
Ms Sharon Montanez
Miss Lauren Moon
Ms Jackie Mooney
Dr David Moore
Dr Kevin Moore
Ms Lucy Moore
Mr Anthony Moore
Mrs Lynette Moorhouse
Dr Louise Moran
Ms Noemi Moreno
Mr Andre Morony
Mr David Morrison
Mrs Julie Moses
Mr Jamiyl Mosley
Mr Daniel Moss
Ms Joanna Motion
Mr John Mowat
Mrs Valerie Mowat
Mr Abu Bakar Mudin
Mr Suvendu Mukherjee
Ms Holly Mullaney
Mr Kingsley Mundey AM
Mr Dougal Munro
Ms Kailee Murdoch
Mr Max Murdoch
Mr Daryl Murphy
Mr Allan Murray-Jones
The Honourable Justice Helen Murrell
Mr Bogey Musidlak
Dr Phillip Musumeci
Mr Martin Mutendeudzi
Mrs Angela Myers
Miss Deborah Myers
Mr Frank Nagle
The Estate of Mr John Nagle and Mrs Gina Nagle (nee Dell'Amico)
Mrs Karin Nagorcka
Miss Dulani Nanayakkara
Ms Liz Nannelli
Naoki Matsumoto Consultancy Pty Ltd
Mr Oday Nassir
National Trust of Australia (ACT)
Ms Sandra Navalli
Ms Fiona Navilly
Dr Siddarth Nayar
Mr Ehmar Nazir
Ms Robyn Neasmith
Mr Cameron Nelson
Miss Bethany Nevile
Ms Rebecca Nevin Berger
Mr Jeremy Newman
Mr Greg Newton
Ms Anne Newton
Ms Donna Ng
Ms Yeuk Lan Una Ng
Miss Kerri Ng
Mr Dang Nguyen
Mr Thanh Nguyen
Dr Trung Nguyen
Mrs Anh Nguyen
Miss Linh Hong Khanh Nguyen
Dr Nga Nguyen
Miss Emma Nicholas
Dr David Nicholls
Emeritus Professor Des Nicholls AM
Mr Jon Nicholson
Mrs Rosemary Nicholson
Ms Shona Nicholson
Mr Nik Nikoleski
Ms Donna Ninness
Mr Simon Nix
Mr Hiroshi Noda
Mr Mitchell Nolte
Mrs May Northam
Professor Raymond Norton
Ms Sabina Nowak
Ms Teresa Nugent and Mr Henry Price
Oscar Nunes
Mrs Leone Nurbasari
Ms Hiro Obara
Ochre Health
Ms Lyn O'Connell PSM
Ms Jane O'Dwyer
Dr Ralph Ogden
Ms Dominique Ogilvie
Mr Oluwadamilare Ogunnubi
Dr Penny Olsen AM
Mr Scott Olsen
Ms Gillian O'Malley
Mr Nicholas O'Neill
Mr John Oost
Oracle Corporation
Ms Carmel O'Regan
Mrs Daniela Origa
Mrs Theresa Orme
Dr Terrence O'Rourke
Ms Judy-anne Osborn
Dr John and Anne O'Shea
Mr Carl O'Sullivan
Ms Kate O'Sullivan
Ms Elouise O'Toole
Professor Robyn Overall
Ms Meg Owens
Professor Adrian Pagan AO
Mr Brent Page
Mr Paul and Mrs Jane Paget
Mr Sandy Paine
Dr Michael Paks
Mr Edward Palandri
Mr Thomas Palethorpe
Mr David Palfreeman
Ms Pam Palmer
Dr Rhiannon Palmer
Mr Samuel Palmer
Ms Rosa Palombi
Alfred Paloyo
Pui Pang
Dr Nina Pangahas
Mr Arvinder Pannu
Dr Hom Pant
Dr Wasan Panyagaew
Ms Anastasia Papadakis
Mr Scott Pape
Dr Christopher Parish and Mrs Bhama Parish
Mr Ron Parker and the Late Mrs Janice Parker
Dr Philip Parker
Mr Brad Parker
Professor Michael Parker FAA
Miss Jess Parker
Ms Salome Parker
Parker Financial Services Pty Ltd
Ms Stacy Parkes-Reece
Dr David Parkinson
Mr Scott Parsons
Dr Sandra Parsons
Emeritus Professor Mervyn Paterson and the Late Mrs Katalin Paterson
Miss Elizabeth Paterson
Ms Michelle Patricia
Ms Carolyn Patterson
Ms Elizabeth Paul
Mr Roger Paul
Dr Paul Pavli
Ms Patsy Payne
Dr Timothy Payne
PCA People
Mr Ross Peake
Mrs Sally Pearce
Ms Janet Pearson
Mark and Maree Peatey
Justice Hilary Penfold PSM QC
Professor David Penington AC
Ms Kate Penney
Mr Simon Pennington
The Late Mr John Perez
Mr Randal Perkins
Mr Alexander Perryman
Mrs Josephine Peters
Mrs Carol Petersen
Professor Nic Peterson
Miss Isabel Pfleger
Miss Thao Pham
Ms Margie Reid and Mr Michael Phelps
Mr Danny Philippa
Lieutenant Colonel Jan McGuinness
Ms Amy Phillips
Ms Joanne Piavanini
Dr Andrew Pickles
Ms Katharine Pierce
Ms Carolyn Pik
Mr Greg Pike
Ms Barb Pini
Mr John Pini
Carmelita Pinto Ly
Kay Britcliffe and Margaret Pitt
Ms Johanna Platt
Mrs Emma Platt
Mr William Platts
Ms Mary Playford
Dr Catherine Playoust
Mr Ralph Pliner
Ms Jenny Plumstead
Professor John Poate
Miss Chelsea Podmore
Mr Glen Pope
Mr Kevin Popple
Mr Peter Post
Neville and Michelle Potter
Associate Professor Lesley Potter
Mr Graham and Mrs Gail Potts
Mrs Deborah Poulton and Mr Wayne Poulton
Mr Don Poynton
Estate of Mr John Orde Poynton
Mr Warrick Poyser
Ms Kate Prestt
Dr Michael Pretes
Emeritus Professor Richard Price
Mrs Margaret Price
Mr Jared Priestly
Mr Shane Prince
Professor Allan Pring
Mrs Caroline Prior
Mr Gary Prior
Mr Gavin Pritchard
Productivity Commission
Mr Tim Prothero
Mr John Pulman
Mrs Annette Purdey
Mr Malcolm Purdey
Mr Ian Purdey
Mr Tian Qiao
Mr Roger Qiu
Mr Matthew Racz
Paul Racz
Ms Jacqueline Radisich
Mr Boban Radosavljevic
Ms Heather Rae
Shabna Rajapaksa
Dr Vasudevan Ramesh
Mrs Loreign Randall
Ms Nadia Ranieri
Mr Roger Rankin
Mr Sean Rankin
Mr Daniel Rappoport
Mr Charles Rath
Dr Rishni Ratnam
Estate of Emerita Professor Beryl Rawson
Mr Brendon Reading
Ms Elizabeth Reedy
Drs Russell and Helen Regnery
Sudrishti Reich
Mr Dong Ren
Professor Alistair Rendell
Ms Nicole Rendulic
Dr Justin Rheese
Mr Robert Rhew
The Late Ms Robyn Rhodes
Ms Elizabeth Richards
Mr Russell Richards OAM
Mr Peter Richards
Ms Carole Richards
Ms Genevieve Richards
Mr Ben Richmond
Dr Anna Rickards
Ms Sarah Ricketts
Ms Suzie Riddell
Associate Professor Pauline Ridge
Mr Michael Ridgway
Mr Lothar Riebensahm
Dr Peter Riggs
Miss Harriet Riley
Miss Miriam Rizvi
Ms Christine Roach
Mrs Bronwyn Roberson
Mr David Roberson
Professor David Roberts and Mrs Henrietta Roberts
Dr Ed Roberts
Associate Professor Stephen Roberts
Mr Dylan Roberts
Ms Emma Roberts
Mr David Robertson
Ms Kavitha Robinson
Mr Alex Robinson
Ms Belinda Robinson
Mr Bryce Robinson
Mr Matthew Robison
Dr John Rogers
Ms Susan Rogers
Dr Peter Rogers
Ms Barbara Rohan
Mr Dereck Rooken-Smith
Ms Nathalie Rosales-Cheng
Dr Veronica Ross
Mrs Joanne May Rosser
Mr James Rossiter
Ms Nina Rossiter
Dr Hannah Rotherham
Miss Michelle Rourke
Ms Loraine Rourke
Mr Stephen Rowe
Dr Donald and Mrs Jennifer Rowland
Mr Frederick Rowley
Dr Eleanor Rowley
Mrs Natasha Royal
Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Mr Pablo Rozas Larraondo
Dr Alex Ruelas-Mayorga
Dr Monica Ruibal
Captain Adrian Rumsey
Mr Jarrah Rushton
Mr Ed Russell
Ms Serrin Rutledge-Prior
Mr John Ryan
Ms Diana Ryan
Mr Kai Ryan
Mr Shannon Ryan
Mr Michael Sackett
Ms Candice Sadikin Sim
Miss Ayako Saito
Mr Takashi Sakazume
Mr Ben Sakker Kelly
Ms Maria Salazar
Mr Amr Salih
Ms Libby Salmon
Ms Antonella Salpietro
Mr Brian Salter-Duke
Dr Chaitanya Sambrani
Mr Graeme Samuel AC
Mr John Sander O'Hearn
Ms Claudia Santangelo
Stuart Sargent
Ms Ayako Sato
Mr Joe Saunders
Ms Nora Sautter
Professor Craig Savage
Ms Meg Sawtell
Mr Geoff Scarborough
Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt AC FAA
Dr Edward Schmidt
Larissa Schneider
Mr Andrew Schofield
Ms Karen Scholte
Mr Glenn Schwinghamer
Dr Gillian Scoble
Mr Bart Searl
Dr Tim Sears
Mr Marty Sebastian
Miss Ankita Sen
Dr Willie Senanayake
Mr Edward Seymour
Mr Ahmad Shady
Dr Sunny Sharma
Mr Vivek Sharma
Ms Jane Sharwood
Dr Denis Shaw
Ms Deb Shaw
Miss Robyn Shaw
Mrs Susan Shaw
Shaw Vineyard Estate
Paul and Yoshiko Sheard
Emeritus Professor Ivan Shearer
Ms Irene Shen
Ms Olga Sheng
Associate Professor Adrian Sheppard
Miss Sandra Shi
Dr Helene Shin
Hannah Shingler
Mr Bruce Shoebridge
Mr Giles Short
Mr Mark Shrewsbury
Mr Vinu Shukla
Mrs Yuki and Mr John Sim
Mr Svalina Simon
Dr Dallas Simpson
Miss Rachel Sims
Mr Stuart Simson
Mr Alasdair Sinclair
Ms Elisi Sindrone
Mr Ramneek Singh
Mr Gauravjit Singh
Dr Vysni Sittampalam
Mr Hayden Skates
Mr Nicholas Skewes
Mr John Skurr
Dr Judy Slee
Mr Michael Smart
Mr Michael Smith
The Honourable Mr Warwick Smith AM
Mr Chris Smith
Ms Belinda Smith
Mrs Elizabeth Smith
Miss Julia Smith
Mr Leon Smith
Miss Samantha Smith
Ms Karen Smith
Miss Jennifer Smits
Professor Chris Smyth
Mr John Snell
Ruth Snowball
Mr Jason Soderblom
Mr Thammanoon Sodsrichai
Ms Florence Sofield
Miss Sara Soldo
Dr David Solomon AM
Miss Natalie Souness
Sparke Helmore Lawyers
Mr Brendan Spencer
Mr Stephen Spiers
Mrs Robyn Spira
Mr Mathew Spotswood and Ms Naomi Spotswood
Ms Hari Sridhar
Ms Raluca Staicu
Statistical Society of Australia, Canberra
Mrs Helene Stead
Ms Linda Steadman
Ms Jacqueline Stenhouse
Mr Shaun Stephens
Mr Andrew Stevens
Dr Bradley Stevenson
Ms Ann Steward
Professor Miranda Stewart
Ms Ann Stewart
Mr Daniel Stewart
Mr Patrick Stewart-Moore
Dr Rami Stiglec
Dr Bruce Stillman AO FRS
Mrs Melinda Stinziani
Dr Joan Stivala
Mr Graham Stock
Dr Yvonne Stolk
Dr Richard Stone
Ms Cathy Stone
Ms Elizabeth Storrs
Ms Elizabeth Stroud
Mrs Barbara Stuart-Harris
Mr Jon Stubing
Ms Natalie Stuckings
Mr Liam Sturgess
Ms Lea Sublett
Mr Daniel Suggit
Ms Sue Sullivan
Mr Francis Sullivan
Professor BA Summers
Dr Sizhong Sun
Ms Maya Suzuki
Mr Mark Swan
Ms Sharon Sweeney
Ms Natalie Sweet
Ms Fiona Sweet Formiatti and Mr Dennis Formiatti FRAIA
Mrs Hiroe and Mr Cornell Swen
Swiss Reinsurance Company
Dr Wilson Sy
Mr Nyk Sykes
Mr Peter Szydlik
Dr Iqbal Tahir
Tailored Accounts
Mr David Tait
Ms Kellie Takenaka
Miss Louisa Talipski
Mr Brian Tam
Ms Janice Tan
Xin Yu Tan
Mr Xiao Tan
Mr Wing Lam Tang
Mr Dan Yang Tang
Mr Benjamin Tansley
Mr Ken Tao
Dr Sudersena Rao Tatavarti
Mr Andrew Tatnell
Dr Robert Tattersall
Dr Colin Taylor
Dr McComas Taylor
Ms Karen Taylor
Ms Jenny Taylor
Ms Natasha Taylor
Team Useed
Ms Miriam Telfer
Mr Daniel Tempra
Miss Grace Ter
Adjunct Associate Professor Richard Thackway
Ms Panit Thamsongsana
The Beautiful Collective
The Canberra Hospital Auxiliary
The Fouress Foundation
The Journal of Pacific History Inc
The Llewellyn Choir Incorporated
The Payne Family Charitable Fund
The Roy M Jackson Memorial Fund
The Sarah-Grace Sarcoma Foundation
The Snow Foundation
Tall Foundation
Mr Richard Thomas
Ms Claire Thomas
Mr Paul Thomas
Mr Stephen Thomas
Mr Ian Thompson
Mr Owen Thompson
Mrs BJ Thomson
Ms Diana Thomson
Ms Jane Thomson
Mr Chris Thomson
Ms Ann Thomson
Ms Roberta Thorburn
Mr Julian Thornton
Mrs Celia Thornton
Mr Adam Thrussell
Mr Douglas Tien
Mr Rod Tier
Mrs Shivaun Tijou
Mr Tim Tilbrook
Mr Victor Tilley
Miss Angie To
Dr Bernadette Tobin AO
Mr Rory Torrens
Ms Suzanne Toscano
Dr Frederick Tosolini
Tour de Cure Central
Professor Binh Tran-Nam
Trawalla Foundation
Mr Dennis Trewin AO FASSA
Ms Stephanie Triefus
Ms Emily Trimmer
Dr Ulrike Troitzsch
Mr Clive Trott
Mrs E. Trott
Mrs May Truong
Mr Matthew Trynes
Ms Battsetseg Tseren
Mr Archie Tsirimokos
Ms Yee Man Tso
Mr Chi Yuen Kenneth Tsui
Mr Tim Tucak
The Graham and Louise Tuckwell Foundation
Miss Ophelia Tung
Mr Robert Tupper
Ms Janice Tynan
Tom and Jenny Tyrrell
Ms Kyoko Uchida
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Mrs Maree Uren
Mr Mark and Mrs Laurie Van Veen
Dr Esther Vance
Miss Holly Vanderpol
Ms Louise Vardanega
Ms Julia Veitch
Mr Stuart Veitch
Dr Lee Venolia
Ms Mary Vickers
Mr Robert Vidas
Ms Laurelle Vingoe
Mr Lawrence Vingoe
Miss Keerthana Viswalingam
Mr Upul Vithanage
Mrs Chwee Von Sanden
Mr Long Vo-Phuoc
Mr Henry Voss
Mr Damjan Vukcevic
Mr John Waddilove
Mr Eric Wainwright
Mr Michael Walas
Ms Julie Waldon
Professor Philip Walker
Ms Meg Walker
Ms Stacey Wall
Mr Stephen Wallace
Dr Christine Wallace
Ms Helen Wallis-Dunn
Miss Annabelle Walsh
Mr James Walsh
Mr Robin Walters
Mr Zheng Bo Wang
Miss Angela Wang
Ms Celine Wang
Miss Shijing Wang
Professor Erica Wanless
Mr Mark Warburton
Mrs Sheila Warby
Dr Stephanie Ward
In memory of Donald C. Ward
Ms Pamela Ward
Dr Robert Ward
Ms Justine Warner
Dr Geoff Warren
Dr Jill Waterhouse
Rosemary Korda and Ashley Watson
Dr Ian Watson
Mr Scott Watson
Miss Rachel Watson
Mrs Juanita Watters
Ms Robyn Watts
Mr Henry Waugh
Ms Maurine Wearne
Mr David Wearne
Dr Phillippa Webb
Mr James Webster
Ms Jana Wedlock
The Late Mr B Weeden and Mrs Weeden
Miss Rebecca Weekes
Mr Li Wei
Miss Teresa Wei
Dr Annette Weier
Mrs Teri Welch
Ms Elizabeth Welden-Smith
Dr David Weldrake
Ms Tehani Welgama
Dr Bruce Wellington
Mr Stephen Wells
Mr Tom Wells
Mr Zhe Weng
Dr John Wentworth
Ms Alexandra West
Ms Dianne West
Westpac Banking Corporation
Westpac Bicentennial Foundation
Mr Lars Wetselaar
Dr Annabel Wheeler
Dr Guy White and Mrs Belinda Kendall-White
Dr Peter White
Mr Jon White SC
Miss Rosemary White
Ms Jenny White
Ms Denise White
Ms Sarah-Jane White
Professor Keturah Whitford
Mr Paul Whittaker
Dr Nicholas Wickham
Ms Ursula Wiedemann
Professor Anna Wierzbicka and Dr John Besemeres
Mr Ranmadhu Wijayatilaka
Associate Professor Prapon Wilairat
Ms Andrea Wild
Ms Linda Wilkinson
Dr Andrew Wilkinson
Adjunct Professor David Williams AM and Mrs Margaret Williams
Dr Ian Williams and Dr Janet Hadley Williams
Mrs Michelle Williams
Mrs Lisa Williams
Mr Lachlan Willing
Mrs Tania Willis
Willis Towers Watson PLC
Dr Malte Willmes
Ms Fiona Wilson
Mr Mick Wilson
Miss Paige Wilson
Miss Emma Wilson
Mrs Mary Wilson
Mr Ben Wilson
Mr Kim Wilson
Miss Katie Winchester
Mr Merle Wines and Mrs Les Wines
Winslade Family in memory of Helen Winslade
Mr Laurie Wiseman
Ms Lois Wishart Lindsay
Dr Julia Wolfson
Mrs Gail Womack
Mr Adrian Wong
Mr Michael KC Wong
Mr Thomas Wong
Mrs Frances Wong-See
Mr Bill Wood AM and Mrs Beverley Wood
Dr Peter Wood
Mr Anton Wood
Dr Robert Wood
Mr Denis Woodhams
Ms Nadia Woodhouse
Dr Ross Woodward
Ms Pina Worcester
Mr Tom Worthington
Captain Nathaniel Worthington
Miss Stevie Worthington
Ms Sharyn Wragg
Dr Ruth Wright
Mr Alan Wu
Mr Fei Wu
Mr Yuwen Wu
Dr Yifang Wu
Mr Alan Wyburn
Mr Jesse Wylde-Browne
Mr John Xia
Dr Lexing Xie
Dr Josephine Xu
Mrs Mari Yanagisawa
Mr Xudong Yang
Mr Zhuzi Yang
Miss Jin Yap
Mr Dennis Yarrington
Peter and Susan Yates Foundation
Mr Xavier Ye
Mrs Jennifer Yeats
Mr Brett Yeats
Ms Julie Yeend
Emeritus Professor Douglas Yen
Miss Shu Yeoh
Dr Brian Young
Mr Andrew Young
Dr Wenqian Yu
Dr Helmut Yu
Dr Jin Yu
Mr Steven Yu
Mr Neil Yu
Ms Maggie Yuen
Mr John Zar
Mr Andrew Zelnik
Ms Yvette Zevon
Ms Kelly Zhan
Miss Meng Zhang
Shaun Zhang
Mr Jacky Zhang
Miss Yan Zhang
Ms Ying Zhang
Mrs April Zhang
Ms Jiali Zhang
Mr Jack Zhang
Mr James Zhang
Dr Shiji Zhao
Mr Jimmy Zhao
Dr Linda Zheng
Dr Peter Zheng
Dr Min-shen Zhu
Ms Xiaowen Zhu
Miss Mantian Zhu
Ms Mary Zindilis
Miss Chong Zong
Zoos Victoria
Mr Tao Zou
Professor Ofer Zwikael

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